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Production Data Search

From the search options displayed on this page, you may display production by field, production type for a year, production by RRC Lease, or list all RRC leases for an operator and then display the production for any of the listed RRC leases.

Production by field will require a field number, or you may select a number by typing in a partial field name and selecting the field number.

Monthly production by type for a year displays production totals for an entire year. You must enter the year to display and the annual totals for oil, gas, casinghead gas and condensate are listed.

Production by RRC Lease displays the RRC lease production for all data we currently have available. This production may then be downloaded in a comma-delimited format for import into your favorite spreadsheet program. Instructions are available on the data screen. Also on the data screen is a link to display all of the wells on the RRC lease.

RRC Leases by operator shows all RRC leases for the selected operator. You must enter an operator number or select the RRC number from a list by entering a partial name to create a search list of operators. Select the operator number from the number/name list and you will be shown a list of all RRC leases on University Lands for the operator. Select a lease and the production is listed for you to view. As above, there is a download option and list of wells option from the production display screen. RRC Leases by Field will list all RRC leases in the selected field. You must enter the RRC field number, or you may press the Find Field button and enter a partial field name to search. When you have the field listed, press the field number button and then press the List button for the list of RRC leases.

Search Production Data